In the broader historical centre of Prague, Florentinum represents a unique complex connecting an exceptional environment with a sound foundation. Florentinum as a whole is not merely an administrative building, but a living organism creating a pleasant place for working and living.

In the first phase of the urban renaissance of Florence, that is, with the construction of Florentinum, the dark windows of the Rudé Právo and Czech Typography will finally disappear forever. This industrial facility smugly located in a historical city area, this monster, to which the garden pavilion and West wing of the Desfours Palace fell, has now been symbolically and physically replaced with a new architectural icon integrated into the surrounding city with sensitivity and respect. In future phases, the realisation of a public benefit project in the area of Masaryk Station will take place.

Florentinum is created from two longer parallel tracts which are connected by a pair of perpendicular connecting tracts, known as joints. The archways of the “joints” are the only objects to project slightly against the surrounding roofscape horizon. The magnanimous treatment of the space is evident from the size of the piazza which, more than anything else, suggests a large inner courtyard.

Everything essential to the inner life of Florentinum is played out in the piazza. Benches, sidewalks, unique lighting, trees and plants climbing the arches of the connecting tracts all create a variety of pleasant corners. The administrative unit offers a premium work environment, as well as an exceptional space for moments of relaxation.