Florentinum benefits from this excellent location on the edge of the historical city centre, creating a veritable bridge between the dynamically developing area of Prague’s Karlín district and the prestigious heart of the city. Florentinum is easily accessible by all means of transportation.

Its location in the city centre means that, due to the extensive network of reliable public transport, it is possible to take advantage of both Metro routes B and C, and tram and bus connections, including the Airport Express shuttle bus. The stops are approximately 3 minutes’ walk from both main entrances to Florentinum.

  • Nearest Metro stations: Florenc, Náměstí Republiky
  • Nearest tram stops: Bílá labuť, Masarykovo nádraží
  • Nearest bus stops: Florenc
  • Airport Express shuttle bus stop: V Celnici Street

The Florentinum is easily accessible by car, via Prague’s North Highway, the most widely known traffic route through the city centre. Underground parking garages are accessible from Na Florenci Street.

Florentinum neighbours with Masarykovo nádraží (Masaryk railway station) and it is located near Hlavní nádraží (Prague main railway station); therefore, it is easily accessible by train. Both railway stations provide suburban transport used by many people to get to work in the centre of Prague in a comfortable and ecological way. Moreover, plans to connect Masarykovo nádraží with Václav Havel Airport Prague seem to be very real.

  • closest railway station: Masarykovo nádraží

The biggest bus terminal in Prague, ÚAN Florenc, is only a five-minute walk from the Florentinum. Most of national and international bus services start their journey from there.

  • closes bus station: Florenc

The international Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is only 30 minutes from the Florentinum and so is the smaller Vodochody Airport.