The developer of the Florentinum project was the Central European investment group Penta. In the area of real estate development, Penta started investing in 2005. Florentinum is one of several of its real estate projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2016, the Florentinum was acquired in an international tender by CEFC China, which focuses on real estate projects that develop its business and other business activities. CEFC is convinced that with regard to the location of Florentinum in the center of Prague and the planned development of its surroundings, the importance of the building will continue to grow. CEFC sees in Florentinum excellent business opportunities. The company wants to further develop whole area and create the best conditions for all its tenants and visitors.

About CEFC

CEFC China Energy Company Limited is the largest private company in Shanghai, and the seventh largest private company in China. In the Fortune Global 500’s leader board of the largest companies in 2017, CEFC took the 222nd position. It is primarily active in energy, finance and industry. CEFC China gives work more than 30 thousand employees worldwide.

CEFC have chosen the Czech Republic as the headquarters for the management of their European activities, acting as CEFC Group (Europe) Company a.s. The company has already made significant investments in finance, industry and manufacturing, aviation, e-commerce and real estate in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.


About Penta

penta-logo-bila.pngPenta is a originally Central European investment group established in 1994. It specializes in long-term investments, mainly in healthcare, financial services, retail, production and real estate development. From the local company, Penta grew into an international group with investments on more than ten European markets.